Monday, May 4, 2009

I fall to pieces

I don't know what the deal is with me and accidents, or even near accidents. I was driving to the gas station this morning and going through a VERY green light when a cement truck decided that he needed to turn, at a VERY red light, right into me. He was going pretty slowly which is why swerving out of the way actually worked. If he had just been going a little more quickly I would not be typing this right now.

I would be in the hospital.

I know this sounds a little paranoid. The problem is that when something like this happens I fall apart. Falling apart is not the best condition in which to be operating a vehicle either. I still had to get through the intersection, into the gas station and to the pump.
At that point I turned my car off and burst into tears.

I do this all the time!

I fall apart in the stupidest situations.
Oh sure I am in labor with twins at 26 weeks gestation and I am a rock, but you give me a little near miss with a car and I am a puddle. It gets even worse when I hear my husbands voice on the phone, I always call him to calm me down, but it just makes me worse. Most of the time this is the point when I really loose it and break down into uncontrollable sobs. It is particularly embarrassing when I am not alone. Thank goodness this morning I was. There is something about hearing him that just makes me fall apart. He did reassure me that I was panicking with reason when he stated...
"That is not the kind of vehicle you want crashing into you!"

I think I will stay home for the rest of the day!!!!

(maybe I can get it together by the time I have to pick the kids up from school)


Troy said...

Sounds like my car accident, I clearly had a green light, and the other driver clearly had a red one, but I actually got in an accident. That would be so scary though, almost getting hit by a cement truck. Glad you got out of the way in time.

Jo said...

Geez, how scary! Glad you are okay, even if you did cry about it.

Emily K said...

I totally understand about falling apart even more when you hear your husband's voice. Whenever I am having a hard time or get shaken up I totally fall apart when I hear Michael's voice. I think it is because I know I don't have to be brave for him. I can lean on him and he will support me.
I am very glad that you were not hurt.

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