Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Randomness

My wordless Wednesday for this week is the actual foot prints of my children on the day they were born. Yes they are actual sized too. I can hardly remember a time when they were so small. Every one talks about how fast time goes when you have kids, but you don't truly have any concept about that until do have them. It feels like I blinked and they are turning 11. This is the anniversary of the week that my entire life changed, mostly for the better. It will always be a hectic week for me because this week we have
Mothers day
My Dads birthday
and the girls birthday
All of these things happen within about 5 days of each other.
Add to that the normal every day stuff like work, visiting teaching, and making time to check facebook about a thousand times and trying to blog as often as possible.
Should be a fun week.
I will be posting a lot about my kids this week so just be expecting it.
I went to Relief Society this week and had conversations with a couple of women that I really admire. Both are very strong women. Both are real roll models for how to be a good mother. Both are struggling with family issues. I look at both of them and am grateful that my problems are not the same as theirs. The future scares me when I look at these two amazing women, I could be in the same position as them in about 7 or 8 years. I am doing all I can to prepare for that now.
I just hope and pray it is enough.
I have a confession to make though...

I am very scared for the future.

I am grumpy. Irrationally grumpy. Stupidly grumpy. I am on a new medication that supposedly mimics the signs of menopause. I can't tell if I am grumpy because of that or if I am grumpy because I am not sleeping well. I can't tell if I am not sleeping well because of the medication or because of something else. I just finished the meds that I have been on for the itchy problem mentioned before. A side effect of that one is not sleeping so I am hoping that now that I am off of that one I can get back to a normal sleeping pattern. Maybe the grumpiness will go away too. Yesterday I yelled at my husband because I thought he was going to yell at me. It was a pre-emptive argument that I had created in my mind. So by the time I talked to him I was irritated with how I assumed he was going to react.
Does anyone else do this?

I felt pretty stupid afterward... Sorry S!
I gave notice at my job this week. I gave them until the end of the month. I think the thing I am going to miss the most is the amazing women that I work with. I don't make friends easily and I don't keep them long either. I really would like to keep in contact with these women and I truly hope that happens. I am going to start looking for work soon. I hate looking for jobs.
I suck at it!
Does anyone else out there hate Mothers Day? Or is it just me? I find this day absolutely useless. I do the same things I do every other Sunday morning. Get up, get the kids ready for church, force some food into them. Then I get home and I still have to make a meal. I just don't see the point.
If you truly appreciate you mother or wife don't just tell her once a year.
Show her every day!
Here are the tunes.
1. My Moon My Man- Feist
2. Tangled- Maroon 5
3. Stiff Kittens- Blaqk Audio
4. Under the Bridge- Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. Two AM Lovesick- Blue October
6. Underneath- Alanis Morissette
7. Title and Registration- Death Cab for Cutie
8. Grey Cell Green- Neds Atomic Dustbin
9. Here Comes Your Man- Pixies
10. The Whole of the Moon- The Waterboys

Bonus: Dream On- Aerosmith
No Surprise- Daughtry (Don't actually have this one yet but I will be downloading it VERY soon, so stoked about a new album!!!!)


Taylor said...

The best is when I have a dream that Paul did something stupid, and in my dream I am mad at him, so when I wake up, I am still mad at him. He's used to my craziness by now, so he just apologizes to me anyway. It's kind of funny!

Taylor said...

As a side note, I thought I knew all of Blue October's songs. What album is that song from? I don't know it!

Sarah said...

Its on The Answers

Terresa said...

I create irrational arguments all the time. In fact, I think I'm only rational half of the time. I feel sorry for my kids and husband...thank goodness for sleep & chocolate.

Thanks for your comments on my blog (namely about twins). If life is a teacher, then I'm student, and my twins were the hardest crash course so far. I'm still taking notes & trying my best to keep my head above water.

I too, look up to many women in my ward and in my circle of friends. Many of them are 10 yrs ahead of me -- I like to hang around them to get ideas of what's ahead. Although I'm pretty frightened at times as well. Whoever said ignorance was bliss was probably a mom.

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