Monday, July 19, 2010

Dear Stupid Cool Keeper people,

When my air conditioning stopped working on Friday afternoon of the hottest weekend of the year. I just assumed that it was the fault of the machine. And while it bothered me that I was going to have to spend a large amount of money to repair it, I was willing to because it is a necessity in 100 degree heat. Finding out that it was going to cost me less than I expected was good news however, finding out that it was the fault of the little box that YOU installed on my house was not.

Your product sucks! It cost me $130 for an after hours call to my house on Friday night. All this just to find out that your equipment is what had actually failed. I want it off my house NOW! The only reason I signed up for it in the first place is because you were sending weekly reminders to my house.

I want you to pay for the appointment too. I do not think this is asking too much. Hopefully when I call you and tell you as much you will agree.

I am gearing up for a fight, just a warning.



M-Cat said...

Go get 'em girl! Stupid power company. And what really bites is they have the monopoly around here!

Elaine Shandra said...

How frustrating! Good luck with the fight!

Editor said...
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Only the Best said...

Dear Sarah,
That box is a disconect box it is use to shut off power to the Heat Pump so the Service Man can work on your unit. I'm not sure where you live but power bill here are very high, We import are electricity from Ohio ,I live in Virginia.
Service Men usally get paid 11 to 18 buck an hour around here, depending on there experiance level
and anything after 4pm is an over time charge at 93 bucks a hour plus gas allowance for the Company.
I am new here but I am dedecated to helping people like you.. Could you check out my bogs time to time if there helpful would you mind mentioning them .. Thanks and the best is heading your way.
Warm Regards,
Only the Best

ZiggyandFamily said...

What came of the call to the utility company?? Did they take the box off and pay for your service bill?

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