Tuesday, July 13, 2010


10 things I hate about me
1. I am loud
(But not as loud as my mother)
I yell a lot. Sometimes at times when it just isn't necessary. The bad temper is part of this.
2. My feet,
I have a very average size, which means I never can find shoes on sale. By the time they go on clearance, all the average sizes are gone.
3. I am incredibly pale,
and no amount of sun has ever or will ever change this fact.
4. I am vain,
I love looking at myself in mirrors. If there is a reflection around I can't help myself.
5. I am incredibly lazy,
I would so much rather be laying down watching TV or reading a book.
6. I can't swim.
7. Asthma, and bad health issues,
nuff said.
8. I hate the shape of my body,
I have very broad shoulders, and a large bust. However my hips are very slim and I have no rear end. I know this doesn't sound like a bad thing, but I also have a thick waist. This makes me look square instead of curvy like a woman should be shaped.
9. I never finished school and got my degree,
this makes me feel like an uneducated yokel.
10. I get intimidated easily by others,
It keeps me from keeping in touch with friends. I just don't want to bother them. So I never call and then I just eventually end up loosing touch.

10 Things I like about me
1. My skin,
I have very clear, nice skin. I rarely have breakouts.
2. I am naturally thin,
Not SKINNY, just a nice average size. This also makes it very easy to find clothes that fit me in almost any store.
3. My hair,
I can wear it in almost any style, or color I want and it still looks great with the shape of my face.
4. I am friendly,
I have no problem talking to people I don't know.
(Weird that I have more problems with people I do know huh! See above.)
5. I stick to what I know is right!
6. I forgive easily,
maybe a little too easily. I don't like holding grudges.
7. I accept differences in others,
you don't have to believe the same way I do to be my friend.
8. I am smart, and have a pretty high IQ,
I love to learn new things, and pick them up pretty quickly.
9. I am a good mom,
or at least I try to be.
10. I like to cook,
and I am pretty good at it. My neighbors have started calling me Sara Lee.


M-Cat said...

I was happy to see the 10 things you DO like about you. I was afraid you were going to leave it at the first list.

Great post!

Bonnie the Boss said...

I don't know you as well as I would like, but I think you are adorable!! Isn't it great the things we inherit?

Teacher Teacher! said...

Hey! that picture looks familiar!! :)
Thanks for letting me hang out at your house last week. I throughly enjoyed it. Went out and bought both of the "Hunger Games" books before I left for my conference in Tucson. I'm throughly enjoying reading through them again!

TheIdeaHole said...
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~*Marie*~ said...

Sarah, just stumbled across your blog and I chucked at all the stuff we seem to have in common... from not being able to spend more than 24 hours straight with my husband (no matter how much I love him, he needs to find something else to do!) to not seeming to easily have friendships with women, to being loud and opinionated, to love watching TV, the list can go on!!! I am adding your blog to my favorites! I will be back to read your blog again!

Editor said...
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ZiggyandFamily said...

You're awesome!!!

Amber said...

From reading your lists, I believe you and I would get along well. Sadly, I am the same way with friends though as you mentioned. I feel like I am always bothering them when I call them or ask them to go do something with me, although they call me all the time for those things. It's been hard for me to ever have a best friend, other than my husband...not sure why though, other than maybe for that reason above.

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