Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Friday

So I know I am going to be completely ridiculed for this but I really don't like Christmas.
There I said it!
We spend way too much money, we get too stressed out because of this and being over scheduled. December is just a very frustrating time for me. I don't even like Christmas music, too many years of listening to the easy listening station at work. I especially don't like that it has to start in October. There make fun if you like, but this is my blog and if I can't state my feelings than what's the point.
(I do like getting presents though!)
I have been so tired lately. I feel like I could lay down and take a nap at any given moment.
Do you ever feel like that? What do you do? Do you give in?
I hate cleaning toilets!
Nuff said.
I think I may have an ear infection.
I am panicked about my child breaking something on my tree. Not because I care if she breaks any of my old ornaments, but because I don't want her to cut herself. As an autistic she has some rather obsessive tendencies and one of those is that once you say no to her about something she can't leave it alone. I have to keep reminding myself that there is nothing glass on my tree.
Thus nothing she can hurt herself on. I had an actual nightmare about it the other day, it really freaked me out.
Do you have anything on your Ipod (or other device) that you would never admit to having?
.... yeah.... me neither.....
Oh just curious.
No news on The Bug yet, but we did go see the neurologist yesterday and had yet another EEG. So maybe it will tell us something different than what we already know. We did learn there is something called reading epilepsy. Seizures that are brought on by reading and other types of cognitive stress. Weird huh!
Here are the tunes:
1. When Did Your Heart Go Missing- Rooney( Just kind of a fun song, reminds me of summer, probably because of the video.)
2. Big Girls Don't Cry- Fergie (Milo you are so yummy!)
3. Rock Me Amadeus- Falco (Oh come on who doesn't love this song!)
4. Only the Lonely- The Motels (Classic 80's)
5. Makes Me Wonder- Maroon 5 (Love them!!!)
6. Stone Cold Yesterday- Connells (Again just a classic)
7. Paralyzer- Finger Eleven (One of my all time favorites!)
8. Stay- Oingo Boingo (These guys will always remind me of my sophmore year!)
9. The Killing Moon- Echo and the Bunnymen (Best band name ever!)
10. Here Comes Your Man- Pixies (Not my favorite of theirs but still good.)
What Have You Done Now- Within Temptation
(If You're Wondering If I Want you to) I Want you to- Weezer
Just Say Yes- Snow Patrol
1901- Phoenix
Just Breathe- Pearl Jam


The Boob Nazi said...

I can see how it would be extremely stressful! I don't have to worry about real life yet, though, so I haven't experienced that yet.

Cassie said...

Aahh, ear infections! We have had two in the last week at our house! Want some Augmenten? I'm sure TRMinator would be more than happy to give his to you becuase he thinks it's gross and doesn't like taking it. (See, I do have stuff happen at my house!) And no, I would never admit to having Debbie Gibson on my MP3 player! Oh, crap, did I just write that? Well, then I'm not telling you what else I have on there that I thought was really cool when I was 14 and for some reason put it on my player fairly recently. I guess you could call it the beauty of the Zune pass! (sorry, I had to put that in! hee! hee!)

Mormon said...

I'm not a fan of Christmas music either. Have you set up a Dedicated Savings account at your bank? You should. It was the best thing I EVER did. I hate Christmas time until I did that. Now I am saving all year long-- I have $50 a paycheck automatically pulled into an account that I cannot touch for 1 year. When I pull it out, I have $1200+ saved for Christmas. By doing that, it lets me enjoy Christmas again. When the money is gone-- we're done.

I know, you're thinking you can't afford the $100 a month. BUT. I promise you that you won't miss it. It's gone before you even have a chance to see it in the account.

Go do that. You'll thank me next year!


Jo said...

Bah humbug! You are a scrooge! That is okay, I am married to one.
I think you need to decorate in only non breakable ornaments this year, to calm your anxiety. You can be taught, the Bug might be a bit harder to teach to keep her hands off, so let's work with the easier one. You are the easier one, right?

ZiggyandFamily said...

After our kids left home, we got glass ornaments and the cat climbed the tree, which promptly tipped over and broke most of them, argh. Just trinkets not worth crying over, but worried about our "baby" getting his tiny paws full of glass. We never stop worrying about our loved ones even after they move away, just learn to let the Lord be in charge and trust his judgment. Takes a lifetime sometimes; come to think of it, most times.....

As for Christmas, the years we had only service to give each other and the Christ child in the manger, were our best Christmases. :)

As for Christmas music, Sabbath hymns are best at bringing in the Spirit of Christmas and are a nice diversion to the traditional ones over sung at this time of year.

It's been a long season of illness. Get well... and life will look brighter. Nothing like having energy to meet the demands of daily life on top of the holidays. :)

Sarah said...

I actually have only non breakable ornaments but that doesn't stop me from freaking out every time she goes near the tree. Instinct I guess.

M-Cat said...

I'm kind of with you on the Christmas thing. This year at least anyway......

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